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Market Rules and Vender Agreement Jan 1, 2017

Andrea Hankins shall provide a Certified Farmers Market (CFM) to be held every Wednesday from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. starting Feb 20, 2013 at the corner Carlton Hills Blvd & Mast Santee, California 92071

1 – Hours of the event shall be from 2:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in winter and spring and summer 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. participators shall stay for the full time period of the event, and shall leave the area 1 hour after the event is over. Safety barricades provided by the Market shall be in place no later than 8:00 p.m. and shall remain in place until all the vendors have departed from the event if they are needed.

2 – Producers and their representatives are individually responsible for conformance to all Local, State, and Federal laws.

  1. Conditions for admittance to the Market.
  2. Copies of all required permits, licenses, and certificates per state regulations.
  3. Type of Product.
  4. Violation history and attendance record.
  5. Space available

3 – Sellers who arrive less than 30 minutes before the market has officially opened may loose their space to another seller. Those who are consistently late (more that 4 times in one year) could lose the right to their space and put on waiting list. Set up time is by 2:00 pm, 1:30 in the winter.

4 – Sellers shall comply with all State and local ordinances and all rules and regulations contained in the CFM rules. The CFM manager may require the seller to provide supporting and or visual documentation that the products sold are actually being grown or raised by the seller in question.

5 – All products sold which require a label must show identity, responsibility and quantity content, grade, point of origin, and net weight. This includes all closed or sealed containers.

6 – To insure the best quality market, the market manager reserves the right to ask the seller to improve the quality of the produce on display. Culls and seconds are not allowed to be sold at the CFM and is in violation of the Food and Agriculture code and California code of regulations. Growers that continually display inferior produce may lose the privilege of selling at this market. Those producers will be warned by the Market Manager and gives an opportunity to comply with the rules.

7 – The Market Manager may halt the sales of produce that the Manager believes to be substandard.

8 – Sellers may lose their privilege to sell at this market for negative comments about the safety or quality of another sellers produce. Such comments should refer to the market manager.

9 – All commodities sold at the market are subject to inspection at any time by the Market Manager for adherence the CFM rules and regulations.

10 – To sell by weight. A certified scale must be present at the market and used to reach the reported weight. All scales must be certified commercial quality and sealed with a current seal by the County Sealer of’ Weights and Measures. Unsealed scales may not be used. Scales are subject to inspection by the market Manager. All scales must have a device registration with them at the market.

11 – All certified producer’s certificates must be posted in a conspicuous spot near the point of sales so they can be easily seen and read by the consumer and the Market Manager (copies must be clear and readable), be current and valid, embossed by the Agricultural Commissioner in the County of production and the County of San Diego; and list all commodities offered for sale.

12. – All sellers are required to submit a legible copy of their licenses and certificate to the Market Manager prior to selling at the Market.

a – For admission to the Santee Certified Farmer’s Market, Inc. sellers must have current certified producers certificate.

b – Certified Producers can sell for up to two certified producer’s, upon approval of the Market Manager.

13 – Selling spaces will be defined by the market manager. Only two people per spot. No two different vendors may sale in the same booth or can you sell someone else’s product without proper permits, must be your own.

14. – Vehicles, table, and other display materials must be maintained in compliance with the safety requirement listed.

15. – Selling spaces must be maintained in a clean, safe, and sanitary manor. Sellers are expected to keep their area swept and clean of debris. At the close of the market, sellers are required to thoroughly clean up their area and take their trash with them. Sellers who do not comply will be charged a $20.00 clean up fee. Market sellers are required to thoroughly clean up their area and take their trash with them.

16 – If samples are offered, a trash receptacle must be available for discarded items.

17 – All items sold must be at least 6 inches above the ground.

18 – Sellers are to refrain from smoking within the market.

19 – Returning producers may reserve their selling spaces for the following week by indicating their intent on the load list sheet.

20 – Producers of their representative or any vendor who must cancel their reservation must notify the Market Manager 48 hour before market day. In case of emergency, notification the day of the market is required. Failure to do so might result in cancellation of further reservations.

21 – If a returning producer chooses to bring a new item to sell, the producer must notify the Market Manager four (4) days prior to market day. All new items must also be added to the certified producer’s certificate prior to selling at the market.

22 – In an effort to present a pleasant selling to the public, the Market Manager may require or restrict the use of certain types of shades, awnings, or tables.

23 – A producer who sells by means of an employee must contact the Market Manager four days prior to sending the employee, be available if needed, to verify the quantity and price of commodities
sold by the employee; sign the load list and submit prior to sales that day, and attend and actively participate in sales at least once per calendar quarter of sales.

24 – No person acting for or employed by a producer may be compensated in whole or in part on a commission resale basis, a regular salary must be verified by the Market Manager.

25 – Employee must have a basic knowledge of the product sold and be able to respond to customers questions.

26 – Load lists must be completely and accurately filled out, on market day. The lists are subject to verification by the Market Manager.
The Santee Certified Farmers’ Market, its management will implement and enforce all Rules and Regulations pertaining to the operation of the Santee Certified Farmers’ Market under its control in a fair and equitable manner.

The produce list shall state the names of the certified producer, the identity of each product sold as it appears on the certified producer’s certificate, and the quantity or each product sold at the market.

Market participants have the right to appeal the imposition by the management/operator of any fine, suspension, or expulsion from this market.  The market will provide participants with:

  1. Notice of the alleged violation with the factual basis for it and the proposed penalty.
  2. 30 days to request an appeal.
  3. If an appeal is requested, an opportunity to dispute the alleged violation and the proposed penalty.
  4. A short, written statement of the market’s decision.

27 – All prices must be posted and clearly readable by customers.

28 – Sellers of taxable items are required to show proof of registration with the State Board of Equalization and are independently responsible to collect and account for sales.

29 – Each farm producer will pay 8 % of gross sales or a minimum payment of $20.00 (which ever is greater) to the Market Manager. All will be issues a load sheet at the end of the market day. There is also a $2.00 fee paid at the same time to the State of California per certificate. Packaged goods pay 8 % or $20.00 of gross sales (whichever is greater) plus a $2.00 fee paid at the same time to the State of California. And cooked food pay 8% or $25.00 (whichever is greater) plus a $2.00 fee paid at the same time to the State of California. And craft venders 8% or $30.00 (whichever is greater) plus a $2.00 fee paid at the same time to the State of California.

Management reserves the right to change market fees with 30 days written notice. Fees must be paid in cash at the end of each market day, no checks accepted.

30 – Each producer will show proof of product liability insurance, and liability coverage. The market will also carry insurance; however, to avoid placing an extra burden on other producers, or the market, each producer must have their own. All craft vendors must have all certain permits with city and state.

31 – Health and Safety Standards as indicated in portions of Title 17 of the California Administrative Code, which are applicable to Certified Farmer Markets, will be upheld, as recommended by the Department of Health Services.

32 – All persons must comply with the following safety requirements:

  • VEHICLES: Set brakes and no rags are allowed in place of gas caps.
  • TABLES: Must be stable, fit into the space, and not filled beyond capacity.
  • DISPLAYS: Signs, racks, canopies and other display aids must be secured in fittings must not obstruct traffic flow, and care must be taken when setting up or breaking down so that shoppers are not jeopardized.
  • ANIMALS: No animals allowed except for guide dogs. Market manager can change this if the community has a big demand for it.
  • PROPER ATTIRE: All persons involved in selling must wear proper attire including shirt and shoes.

33 – Consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly forbidden on the market premises.

34 – Failure to comply with any request made by the management concerning adhering to the Market Rules and Regulations, abusive or rude behavior, will result in immediate and permanent expulsion from the market.

35 – The Market manager or any other agent assigned to do so have the right to issue warnings and take appropriate action against participating producers or representatives who violate these rules and other applicable regulations and laws.

36 – The governing body and its designated agents (Andrea Hankins) shall implement and enforce all rules and regulations pertaining to the operation of a Certified Farmer’s Market in a fair and equitable manner.

37 – A certified producer shall not represent, nor be represented by more than two other certified producers in a 12 month period.

38 – Each certified producer’s certified agricultural products to be sold of offered for sale shall be separated and identifiable by each certified produce’s valid certificate at the point of sale.

39. – The name of the certified producer for whom another certified producer is selling shall appear of the certificate of the certified producer that is conducting sales, at a certified farmer’s market.

40 – The name of the certified producer who is selling the products of another certified producer shall appear on the certificate of the person of entity for whom the certified producer is selling.

41 – The certified producer selling for another certified producer shall be selling of offering for sale, at the same certified farmer’s market on the same day, certified agricultural products which the certified producer conducting the sales has produced and which are in greater volume than the volume offered for sale for the other certified producer. A certified farmer’s market may allow, or prohibit, a certified producer or “his/her immediate family member of employee to sell at that market certified agricultural products on behalf of a maximum of two other certified producers including, but not limited to, separate entities, such as partnerships, in which the certified producer has an interest as an individual member. If such practice is allowed, the above provisions shall be met by the certified producer and shall be specified in the certified farmer’s market rules and regulations.

42 – WIC coupons received and used by customers are for the purchase of fruits and vegetables only. No change can be given for any purchase made with WIC coupons. Vendors are required to deposit WIC coupons into their own bank accounts, independent of market manager.

43 – Entertainment is chosen by market manager only.

1392.6 – Certification Requirements of a Certified Farmer’s Market.

The governing body of a certified farmer’s market operation for or by more than one certified producer shall promulgate a set of market rules and regulations which specify procedural criteria pertaining to:
1. Admission of any producer to the market(s)

A Certified Producer will be allowed into the market by the Market Manager upon approval; if any paper work is needed by Market Manager it will be submitted by the certified producer’s before the start of the first market day.


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New State Mandated Vendors Fees
On September 26, 2014 Governor Brown signed into law Assembly Bill # 1871 Section 47021 “ requires Certified Farmers Markets operators to remit quarterly a fee of $2.00 for each vendor participating and selling goods each market day under the authority of the management at the CFM. Vendors include not only the producers operating in the area designated as a CFM but also any sellers in the ancillary section such as food and craft vendors.”

As a result of AB1871, beginning 1/1/2015 all vendors operating in the market will be charged a $2.00 fee per market day. This fee is a separate charge from all other booth fees and rent charged to vendors participating in the market. The fee is due at the time your weekly booth fees are due and payable to market manager.