Vender Rules

Santee Certified Farmer’s Market, Inc.

Sponsored and Managed by: Brandon Hankins 760-533-5305

Rules and regulations 2023

  • Fees: All venders are required to pay a $2 state fee plus the stall fee listed below. Cash only, to be paid at the end of each market.
    • Packaged Foods: 8% of total sales or $20.00 minimums, whichever is higher
    • Cooked Foods: 8% of total sales or $25.00 minimums, whichever is higher.
    • Merchants: 8% of total sales or $30.00 minimums, whichever is higher.
    • Farmers: 8% of total sales or $20.00 minimums, whichever is higher.
  • Setup arrival time 1:30 or sooner unless you have cleared it with me for later time.
    Market time: 2:30 to 6:30.
  • Parking for vendors will be assigned that day.
  • You cannot leave market early. Stay set up till 6:15 then you can start packing up, but you do need to leave stuff on table till 6:30.
  • You do need your own set up tables, canopies etc., whatever you need to set display. And you do need some solar lights, we have no power (winter months).
  • 2 people per spot and we prefer no kids. If you have children with you keep them in your booth be considerate to your neighbors, they are here to sell also. 
  • Vendors cannot share booth with another vendor. 
  • All cooking vendor need extra cooking utensils, we don’t have  a sink. 
  • And you do have to be ready with set up at the start of market 2:30. 
  • If you miss 2 weeks you lose your spot and will be moved elsewhere. You may have someone fill in for you to save spot.
  • If you need a generator bring long cord, it has to be out of market and a way from other vendor…. we have no power. 
  • You also need weight due to we almost always have a breeze, make sure you can tie tent down good year round.
  • Winter Months: Lighting will be needed, go to harbor freight or home depot and you can purchase solar tubes for $20.00.
  • If you have trash take around back of building to dumpster and throw away, don’t leave us your boxes and large trash to discard for you, there will be a fee. Also sweep if your spot needs it
  • If you cannot make the market you have to give me 48 hours’ notice, so I can fill the spot.
    Thanks, Brandon
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  • Use this address to google for direction: 9600 block Carlton Hills Blvd 
  • Sponsor and Market Manager of Santee Certified Farmers Market Brandon Hankins   
    Sign and date when you want to join, return to Brandon 
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